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Case Study: Silvergreens


Silvergreens LogoSilvergreens is a family-friendly, fast-casual restaurant concept with two retail locations and several satellite locations in southern California. They are known for their tasty, yet healthy variety of American cuisine with a company commitment to helping implement green measure to preserve the environment.

Silvergreens FoodChallenges

As the SmartReceipt products were being developed, the company needed to implement them into a test restaurant. SmartReceipt decided to implement the system at a local restaurant with a wide variety of healthy and not-so-healthy choices, in order to test the consumer reaction to both the nutritional information and the dynamic coupons the system offers. The question was how the customers would respond to a new level of nutrition communication and whether dynamic coupons on receipts could generate income and increase customer frequency.

Silvergreens ReceiptSolution and Results

The Silvergreens location in Isla Vista was selected as the restaurant for testing the effectiveness of the SmartReceipt system. In the first phase, they implemented the Nutricate Restaurant product solution with a sole focus on personalized nutrition information and targeted health tips. This implementation immediately garnered the restaurant attention from the local media. Many customers who were keeping careful track of their food intake began to keep their receipts. And, because it was easier than returning home to look up the nutritional value of the different foods they ate, they began to visit more frequently.

In the first month after implementing SmartReceipt Nutricate, Silvergreens experienced a 25 percent increase in sales compared to the previous year. “We were astonished at the sales increase, and expected it to level off after a short time, but our sales grew 20% year over year for the next 30 months,” said Ron Gleiberman, Silvergreens general manager.

The success of the Nutricate implementation allowed Silvergreens to then test the marketing capabilities. Silvergreens found immediate success using the dynamic coupons to market new products, emphasize specific dayparts, and create same-day repeat visits by loyal customers. Even these coupons with an extremely short redemption window can average a five percent redemption rate, far surpassing the industry average of one percent redemption.

Silvergreens utilizes NCR’s 2ST printer, which enables printing on both sides of the paper at the same time. This has allowed Silvergreens to use the front of the receipt for their nutritional communication and bounce-back coupons, with the back of the receipt promoting third-party brands and community sponsorship. This has enabled Silvergreens to sponsor community events that would otherwise be out of budget and generate incremental revenue from like-minded retailers who wish to advertise on Silvergreens receipt real estate.

“SmartReceipt has really become part of our brand and an indispensable part of our operation,” Ron said. “I can’t imagine doing business without it.”

Silvergreen’s — Know What You’re Eating